Macbeth The murder has been discovered, all the evidence that my beloved has put in place has been taken in and every one thinks that it was the two guards. The Lord has my thanks, blinding my friends from the fatal truth but I fear that my actions have inscribed my name on a one […]

Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in 1606 three years after King James I was crowned. Before this James I was James VI of Scotland, this represented a union between England and Scotland which inspired William Shakespeare to write the play Macbeth. King James I was also quite interested in witchcraft so its possible that Shakespeare was trying […]

The Prince of Cumberland, is nothing but another obstacle that I must avoid to get to where those beings said I would get to. So now Malcolm and Duncan are who I must kill, let no one find out of my dark plan for if they would they would kill as they did the thane […]

Today Mr North showed our class this new game called mission maker which is where you start out with a few rooms and there’re controls W, S, A, D is to move around move the mouse around to look around E is to pick things up and throw them away Q is to inspect an […]

three unusuall words



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A longtime ago there was a farmer. He grew crops and bred cows, sheep and pigs.  He had a beautiful wife and three children, Mary the eldest, Max and Sarah the youngest. Sadly, one day the father became very sick and they were too poor to afford a doctor. The whole family feared that he […]

Beowulf is captured by Grendels Mother under the lake and some sea beasts come to attack him aswell. Then Beowulf realizes that his sword doesn’t work.